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Plumber south london


We can offer a wide range of plumbing and heating services to homeowners, landlords and businesses, including:

• Central heating installations, service and repair
• Unvented hot water systems [More Info]
• Natural Gas
• Boiler changes and upgrades [More Info]
• Boiler servicing [More Info]
• Gas fires, water heater and cooker installation and repair
• Landlord safety certification [More Info]
• Central heating powerflushes [More Info]
• Supply and installations service available
• General plumbing [More Info]
• Homebuyer inspections [More Info]
• Fully insured
• CORGI registered
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Unvented Hot Water Systems
This is a brilliant alternative to conventional hot water systems and combi boilers where a high quantity of hot water is required. These systems deliver hot water at mains pressure. The installer of these systems requires a certificate of competence due to the dangers of substandard installation practices.
Boiler Changes and Upgrades
There are many types of boilers on the market these days, each with different benefits and limitations. We are able to advise you on the most suitable and economical solution for your needs.
Boiler Servicing
Although not a legal requirement for homeowners, it is good sense to have boilers, and all other gas appliances, serviced yearly by a CORGI registered engineer to ensure safety and efficiency is maintained.

Landlord Safety Certification
It is a legal requirement to ensure that all gas appliances in rented accommodation are checked yearly by a CORGI registered engineer and that there is the appropriate paperwork to support this (We can offer discounts on multiple appliance checks).

Central Heating Powerflush
If you have cold spots in radiators, need to vent radiators regularly or experience noise in your boiler (kettling), then these are sure
signs that your central heating system has corrosion or lime scale problems.  Corrosion and lime scale deposits result in poor heat delivery, damage to system/boiler and much reduced efficiency, which means higher fuel bills.  These problems are common in older systems or poorly installed central heating systems.
A central heating powerflush provides the best and most cost-effective solution.  The process involves flushing the system at a high velocity with special chemical solutions via a pumping station. The whole process takes about 5-8 hours for a 6-10 radiator system. After the powerflush is complete, the system is given a final injection of corrosion inhibitor.  The great news is, you now have a central heating system that works like new and is protected for up to 25 years. A very wise investment!
General Plumbing
This includes:
• Washing machine installations
• Guttering installation and repairs
• Outside taps installed
• Toilet, wash basin and sink replacements
• Bursts and leaks amongst other things
Homebuyer Inspections

For peace of mind homebuyers, or indeed consciencious sellers, may want to have their plumbing and heating systems inspected for condition. This may help avert unforeseen problems.

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